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Sumit Tiwari
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Sumit Tiwari, an IT professional and tech-trainer, is the founder of SoftEthics Technologies & Programming Lab. Passionate about programming, he has an exclusive interest in customized software development and in mentoring programming enthusiasts. Apart from software development and technological advancement, mentoring has been his passion since a long time. His aim is to introduce technology in such a way that the learners understand and implement it, as it is used in the professional world.

He owns a Master’s degree (M.Tech) in Computer Technology but considers himself a student forever, eager to both learn new things and share knowledge with others. Sumit believes in implementing the concepts instead of just reading it. This is how he gained much experience from numerous projects, research works, programming languages and also won the hearts of students, professionals, developers and coding learners. What his students, fellows and followers appreciated the most is his patience, inspiring nature, creativity, command over concepts, enthusiasm and the way of mentoring the concept using relative examples.

With the motto of helping scholars who want to enhance their tech skills or to accelerate their learning one step ahead, he crafted and deployed a series of high-end courses and learning apps on programming, software development, research/ project, campus placement. He published a book 'Patch Up with C' for C learners and several research papers in numerous IEEE conferences on multiple domains and got honored for his contributions. He also won many programming competitions and holds several certifications including an Oracle Certified Professional certification.


Software Development

Need website, web app, mobile app, or desktop app for your business. Just let me know your requirements. I will deliver robust & reliable software acc. to your satisfaction and at your budget.

Small-scale or Large-scale, will provide software solutions according to your need.

Make your online presence & reach more people by introducing website & app.

Learn Programming with Me
Programming & Technologies

Learn how to code n create applications for web, mobile, and desktop. Masters the core concepts of programming for interview / placements etc.

If you have interest in programming and want to enhance your skills, then hit me up with a 'Hi' and learn with me.

Course info here.

Consultant / Research
Research / Innovate ideas

Have a unique business idea to implement? With years of experience in software development & project management in various domains. I can help you with strategy, designing, and implementation of software that solves business problems.

Research something for your thesis, I will guide/advice you to research and implement it efficiently.

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Resources / my work for learners


Find study material, programs and a lot more.

YouTube Channel
Sumit Tiwari - SoftEthics

Let's discuss the programming concepts.

Google Play
Learning & Utility Apps

Apps dedicated to learners to accelerate learning one step ahead. C, C++, Java, Python, Pattern Programs, Gradient creator, Live wallpapers and a lot more.

C Programming Course

A self-paced C programming video tutorial course in Hindi.

C Course
Pattern Programs

ASCII Pattern programs on web.

Pattern Programs
Amazon India
Patch Up with C Book

A book dedicated to C beginners.

Patch Up with C

Explore services and technical training programs.

Code Me Too

A fresh start-up project to facilitate the internship, coding completion and more.

Code Me To


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